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The Great Conversation: Brunelleschi, Failure, and Invention of the Renaissance

Florentine skyline from across the Arno.

Keith has talked a lot in this blog about the difficulties in establishing oneself in practice coming out of law school, the insecurity and/or feeling of failure that young lawyers experience, the dedication and ethic(s) required to succeed, etc. Recently, and from ...

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The Great Conversation: Battle/Debate(Life) Strategy–Adaptability

Ancient Tyre

In the long period since my last post, I’ve thought a lot about the applicability of recounting these battles to you all. I first entitled this series “…Battle/Debate Strategy” because I thought the “Debate” part would appeal to you lawyer-types. ...

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The Great Conversation: Aristotle on Friendship


Aristotle, with his common sense approach to problems, frequently states the seemingly obvious. He makes points which on the surface don’t seem revolutionary, but they are shrewd and insightful enough to crystalize truths that, otherwise, would be difficult to articulate. ...

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The Great Conversation: Digital Minds in an Analog World


  Over the years, I’ve noticed an incongruity in the way we think and the way the world works. We like to put things in categories, even if the nature of those things doesn’t call for such groupings or accept ...

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The Great Conversation: Battle/Debate Strategy–Force Equalizer


  In cards, as well as in the long term challenges of life and acute moments of conflict, Fortune does not always deal us the preferred hand. As a consequence, everyone occupies a position of weakness from time to time, ...

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Homo homini lupus est – “Man is a wolf to his fellow man”


  In 195 BC, Titus Maccius Plautus wrote Asinaria, generally regarded as one of the great Roman comedies. It is renowned for containing the phrase: Homo homini lupus est – “Man is a wolf to his fellow man” It is a statement that is generally taken ...

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The Great Conversation: Aristotle’s Useful Definition of Virtue


  Virtue seems elusive, if it can be considered a reality, at all. There are so many ways to err at work, in relationships, for your clients, in life; but it’s hard to always do the virtuous thing. If you’re ...

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