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The Great Conversation: Brunelleschi, Failure, and Invention of the Renaissance

Florentine skyline from across the Arno.

Keith has talked a lot in this blog about the difficulties in establishing oneself in practice coming out of law school, the insecurity and/or feeling of failure that young lawyers experience, the dedication and ethic(s) required to succeed, etc. Recently, and from ...

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The Great Conversation: Battle/Debate(Life) Strategy–Adaptability

Ancient Tyre

In the long period since my last post, I’ve thought a lot about the applicability of recounting these battles to you all. I first entitled this series “…Battle/Debate Strategy” because I thought the “Debate” part would appeal to you lawyer-types. ...

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Do the Work or Remain A Vaguely Cultured Dunce


Olliver Meehan pointed me to a post this morning entitled C.S. Lewis: The Dinosaur, the Parthenon, and the Optative by John Piper. It has to do with the love of reading and the glory of work. While many people likely only ...

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Publius & Brutus: The Gun Debate

used printed magazine

  In the wake of the horrific tragedy of the Newtown shootings, President Obama is set to unveil new firearm control tomorrow. Firearms evoke a wide rage of opinions from people. Many people favor stricter regulations on the availability of ...

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President Lincoln On Practicing Law


  Surprisingly, Slate managed to highlight something interesting this week in their new history blog. Notes from the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln, likely in preparation for a lecture to be given to a congregation of new lawyers. ...

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The Great Conversation: On Pillars and Puppets


  When Pausanias, the traveler and geographer, visited the Temple of Apollo at Delphi in the second century A.D., the inscriptions in the forecourt were nearly a thousand years old. They read ΜΗΔΕΝ ΑΓΑΝ and ΓΝΩΘΙ ΣΕΑΥΤΟΝ: “Seek the mean in ...

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