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How To Build A Life Of Excellence (Part 4)

At the beginning of this series I introduced five core questions that can steer you towards high performance and self-management: What Are My Strengths? How Do I Work? What Are My Values? Where Do I Belong? What Can I Contribute? Learning your answers to these question ...

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How To Build A Life of Excellence (Part 1)

Peter Drucker (1909-2005) was one of the most influential and forward-thinking management theorists in the world (and continues to be). His books and articles have influenced generations of business people. A favorite of mine is his classic Managing Oneself. Less of a book ...

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Successful People Are Largely Defined By Two Things

A three hour dinner at a steakhouse. Back and forth regarding mediator selection at Reddit. Exchanging Facebook messages regarding contract negotiations in Dallas. I already shared the details of the steakhouse experience over at Above The Law. Myself and a few ...

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8 Straightforward Rules For Avoiding Burnout

The other day I was on a private forum for lawyers. A new associate at a large law firm came in complaining of burnout. They weren’t whining or whimpering over their life. They just felt like they had fallen out of ...

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What Skills Do You Need To Have To Get Hired As A New Lawyer?

Last year on the Legal Skills Prof Blog a paper was released on SSRN by Professor Neil W. Hamilton entitled Changing Markets Create Opportunities: Emphasizing the Competencies Legal Employers Use in Hiring New Lawyers (Including Professional Formation/Professionalism). I thought it sounded interesting and gave ...

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Do You Feed Your Résumé Or Your Eulogy?

I’m not a huge fan of David Brooks, but on occasion his columns provoke thought or provide insight. His recent column for the New York Times, The Moral Bucket List, contained a passage that resonated with me: It occurred to me ...

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