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Holiday Party Small Talk

small talk

It’s that time of year again. The dreaded holiday party season. Lots of time with strangers and acquaintances you’re barely familiar with. That weird Ricky guy from HR. And you have to make small talk and interact with all of ...

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Fake News Thought Police


“Fake news” is currently a hot topic in, well, the news. We Tracked Down A Fake-News Creator In The Suburbs (NPR) Fake News and the Internet Shell Game (NYT) Trump’s fake-news presidency (WaPo) At the same time as fake news ...

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How To Break Things In A Law Firm


There is often a gap between the way things function and the way things ought to function. Law firms in particular are susceptible to this problem. Law firms are bastions of doing things “the way they’ve always been done.” This is because lawyers are ...

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Lawyers Aren’t Free


Should you work for free? Last week on the Twitters, I noticed a post by Bob Ambrogi, offering details on a new website that wants to be “the WebMD of law:” The video site TalksOnLaw describes itself as on a ...

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Review: Clio Legal Trends Report 2016


For the first time ever Clio, the leading law practice management platform, has released its Legal Trends Report. Clio describes the report as: …the first ever data-driven report on the legal industry. It’s aimed at helping lawyers understand how the ...

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A Nasty But Effective Negotiation Strategy

U.S. Mission / Eric Bridiers

“Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.” ― Marcus Aurelius, Meditations Being an effective negotiator is an incredibly important aspect of being a lawyer. Whether it be a contract ...

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An Open & Shut Case: Whisper v. Yahoo


Encrypted or unencrypted. Distributed or hierarchical. Peer-to-peer or direct download. Open source or closed. These are opposing methods of handling and dealing with data. You likely use all of them in some fashion even if you’re not aware of it. There ...

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Review: 2016 Comprehensive Survey of Lawyer Incubators


Last month, the ABA issued its first ever report on “lawyer incubators.” What is a lawyer incubator you ask? Lawyer incubators have emerged as models that enable newly-admitted lawyers to acquire the range of skills necessary to launch successful practices ...

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Is PokemonGo Illegal?

is pokemongo illegal

This past week Nintendo unleashed Pokemon Go in U.S., Australia and New Zealand and subsequently jumped in value nearly 8 billion dollars: Pokemon Go has added almost $8 BILLION to Nintendo’s value. That’s like the entire worth of Supercell pic.twitter.com/3GOU1z60qR — ...

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How To Build A Life Of Excellence (Part 4)

Build A Life of Excellence

At the beginning of this series I introduced five core questions that can steer you towards high performance and self-management: What Are My Strengths? How Do I Work? What Are My Values? Where Do I Belong? What Can I Contribute? Learning your answers to these question ...

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