Out of Office, But Not Out of Mind

Thought I might have time to update while on the road but traveling and schedule has been too hectic (I snuck away for a minute to the Littlest Bar and am posting this from my iPhone). That being said, Boston ...

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Address Incongruities

rube machine

There is often a gap between the way things function and the way things ought to function. Law firms are bastions of doing things “the way they’ve always been done.”  Change is often not welcome within the legal field. See the continuous stream ...

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Be Temperate

In the last post I noted that lawyers should avoid hyperbole at all costs. But what happens when opposing counsel resorts to hyperbole and bombastic prose in their brief? Be temperate. Do not lash out at opposing counsel in your ...

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Avoid Hyperbole

There is nothing worse than reading a brief that is filled to the brim with over-the-top exposition and exploitive narrative detail. It does not bolster your argument – it dampens your argument. By forcing a reader to navigate sentimental adjectives ...

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Sometimes You Get Peed On


I was peed on for the first time in my life today. My nearly two-year old son – if anyone was going to do it, I’m glad it was him. It’s probably more of a surprise that I’ve managed to ...

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