Inside Baseball and Orwell’s 6 Rules for Clear Writing


  “Inside baseball” refers to using jargon, specialized knowledge, acronyms, first names instead of full names, or other such things when speaking and writing. Using shorthand of this sort is simply more efficient when among friends, colleagues, or other “insiders.” ...

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Becoming A Good Lawyer Requires Failure

Read in reverse order, from bottom to top.

So, as I’m sure most of you probably already know, Joseph Rakofsky has once again emerged from the shadows to test the bounds of reason, good sense and the law by filing…whatever the hell this is. If you’re not familiar ...

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11 Writing Blogs I Follow

no internet comic

  A reader recently asked: You mentioned in your review of Point Made that there are a number of legal writing blogs you follow: what legal writing blogs do you follow? I thought I’d put it up for everyone to ...

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Quality Not Quanitity


  Scott Greenfield has a post today entitled Eyeballs Without Purpose. An excerpt: I had a nice chat the other day with a young lawyer who has a very popular legal website. His site is a business, intended for profit ...

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No Lawyers, No Forms: Just Data and Algorithms


  As I’ve written about before, there is growing pressure on the legal industry from large companies that are producing standardized “form” documents for consumers at much lower costs than obtaining such documents from a traditional law firm. Yet somewhere ...

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