Becoming A Good Lawyer Requires Failure

Read in reverse order, from bottom to top.

So, as I’m sure most of you probably already know, Joseph Rakofsky has once again emerged from the shadows to test the bounds of reason, good sense and the law by filing…whatever the hell this is. If you’re not familiar ...

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What I’m Reading | 10.24.11


It’s Not China; It’s Efficiency That Is Killing Our Jobs | Dyske “Today the best ideas can efficiently and quickly propagate worldwide, and everyone can efficiently find them and buy them…When someone owns a means of production that is more ...

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Your Memories Are Lies


  Remember that party from college? That crazy time where we went and picked up the security guard from our apartment complex on the Strip at 2 am? And instead of picking him up, we ended up going out with ...

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Getting Arrested? There’s an App for That


  In the wake of the flash mob riots earlier this year in London, Scotland Yard arrested two teens for “inciting riots” on Facebook. Then two weeks later they arrested ten more. Eventually, two men were sentenced to four years ...

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  My first computer was something of the the 386 variety. Actually, it was my father’s for work, but I remember spending countless hours  sitting in front of it learning DOS commands. A few years later I remember dialing into ...

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11 Writing Blogs I Follow

no internet comic

  A reader recently asked: You mentioned in your review of Point Made that there are a number of legal writing blogs you follow: what legal writing blogs do you follow? I thought I’d put it up for everyone to ...

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Unplug, Desync, Disconnect


  Starting last Wednesday my schedule has been incredibly busy. Between work, family, and fitness – something had to push – and it was any online activities. The weekend hit and spent I most of it running errands, more time ...

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