The Anticipation of Being Re-Tweeted

pc game

I previously wrote about the gamification of social media services in a piece entitled: You’re Being Played By Twitter. The article touched on the use of engagement statistics and feedback loops in order to draw users deeper into the services ...

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Two Strategies for Effective Written Advocacy


The Legal writing Prof Blog has mention of a short article in The Missouri Bar’s newsletter, Precedent, on persuasive writing for generalist judges. Judges in general jurisdiction courts also may not initially be as familiar as counsel with the substantive law that will decide the ...

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Not Going Through the Motions

babu tired

The baby was crying again. It’s 5:15 AM this morning or 2 hours sitting on the tarmac in Boston or rushing through LaGuardia or flying over West Virginia or pulling into the driveway at home at 12:30 am. Mixed up ...

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Out of Office, But Not Out of Mind

Thought I might have time to update while on the road but traveling and schedule has been too hectic (I snuck away for a minute to the Littlest Bar and am posting this from my iPhone). That being said, Boston ...

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Address Incongruities

rube machine

There is often a gap between the way things function and the way things ought to function. Law firms are bastions of doing things “the way they’ve always been done.”  Change is often not welcome within the legal field. See the continuous stream ...

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