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Maritime letters of Indemnity

Book Review: Maritime Letters Of Indemnity

In all honesty, Maritime Letters of Indemnity is not the title of a book I would normally consider reading. I am glad, however, that I was able ...

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Point Made second edition

Book Review: Point Made 2nd Edition

I’m always looking for ways to improve my own writing – legal or otherwise. I think my writing is pretty good (I was number one ...

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quest for justice cover

Book Review: Quest For Justice – Defending The Damned

A couple weeks ago I was at my local bar association’s annual Bench & Bar conference and had the chance to meet Richard Jaffe, a highly-respected ...

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Emergency Sasquatch Ordinance

Book Review: The Emergency Sasquatch Ordinance

This past week, I was pleased to receive a copy of Kevin Underhill’s new book The Emergency Sasquatch Ordinance: And Other Real Laws that Human Beings ...

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