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Why You Should Run Towards Danger

fire jump

I was around 21 years old, training in martial arts at a rapid clip. Dedicated and progressing quickly. I was two ranks below black belt. The test for the next rank was coming up. My instructor encouraged, almost demanded, that ...

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Site News: Miscellaneous Edition


Friday, end of the week, time to relax! Or just continue working over the weekend (which is what I’ll be doing for part of it). Anyway, a few odds and ends that I wanted to mention. Above The Law Column ...

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Anticipating The Future Of Law

doge law disruption

If you’re a lawyer who spends any amount of time online, you’ll soon discover that the “future of law” has become a cottage industry unto itself. There are professors, pundits, lawyers-turned-consultants, all peddling their version of the future of the ...

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Work-Life Balance: Denouement

Balance. Or lack thereof?

  This past week, I wrapped up the manuscript for my forthcoming book, The Marble and The Sculptor – hence the lack of updates this past week. Not to mention it was a hectic week.  A large brief for an ...

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That Day in Boston Harbor

Explosions At 117th Boston Marathon

  The tragedy in Boston is a horrible thing. No motive or purpose can ever justify violence perpetrated on the innocent. It is especially awful that the attack was conducted at a race. As any runner can attest, races are uplifting, motivational events ...

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Welcome to Associate’s Mind 2.0


Welcome to the new version of Associate’s Mind. It’s been quite a bit of work, but I greatly prefer it to the old digs – which honestly were getting rather stale. This new site and hosting provides me much greater ...

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