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Criminal Activity and Your IP Address

  This week, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) brought news about criminal investigations in relation to an individual computer’s IP address. First, some background. IP and TOR For the unaware, an Internet Protocol address (IP address) is a numerical label ...

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Wal-Mart Efficiency With Neiman Marcus Feel

[In the future] The lawyers who succeed will combine Wal-Mart Efficiency With Neiman Marcus Feel. So says Thomas Morgan, a law professor from George Washington University, to the Florida Board of Governors and the Young Lawyers Division board at their recent joint ...

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Pay Your Student Loans – Or Else

So I guess the Department of Education has their own SWAT Teams now? They can issue their own search warrants and subpoenas? The U.S. Department of Education issued the search and called in S.W.A.T for his wife’s defaulted student loans. ...

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The Identity Ecosystem – What Is NSTIC?

There was a Fast Company story a couple of years ago about the emergence of a “Sharing Economy,” and the necessity of trust: Almost all of them require profiles for both parties and feature a community ratings system. But these ratings would ...

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Then Again, Maybe Wikipedia IS a Proper Legal Authority

Surprise, surprise, Courts seem to be split on the issue of whether or not Wikipedia is a proper legal source. In the previous post, people were discussing this link on Wikipedia: Which is a listing of holdings from Courts that have cited Wikipedia in various ...

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