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I run this joint. I like to write, talk, and think about law, professional development, technology, and whatever else floats my boat. I practice law in Birmingham, AL.

The Best Social Networking Site For Lawyers

  This past week I spent significant time at what I believe to be the best social networking site for lawyers. While I was there saw a former law school professor who I hadn’t seen in a couple of years. ...

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Review: Writing To Win

Roughly a month ago I received a review copy of Steven Stark’s Writing To Win. It’s taken this long for me to get the review up because A) I’ve been busy and B) I always fully read any book I receive and Writing To ...

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How to Succeed as a New Lawyer

  This past week I attended a rather lengthy CLE geared to new/young lawyers. The presenters were all either judges or lawyers who had been practicing 20+ years. While each presenter lectured on their specific topic, they also took a ...

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On Mentors: To Sharpen Is To Destroy

  When I was an uchi-deshi, there were special classes reserved for senior students called kenshu (“sword sharpening”). During these classes, I would sit in seiza (“proper sitting”) for 30 minutes or so, listening to the instructor lecture on a ...

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Millennial Jurors: Entertain Us

“If a generation is going to arrive in the jury box that is totally unused to sitting and listening but is using technology to gain the information it needs to form a judgment, that changes the whole orality tradition with which ...

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A Judge’s Mind or 5 Cognitive Illusions of Judges

  I recently got around to reading a whopper of an old law review article that I had been wanting to read for awhile entitled, “Inside the Judicial Mind.” From the introduction: …we conducted an empirical study to determine whether ...

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