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Disconnect to Recharge

Sometimes you just have to walk away for awhile.

I’ve been quiet here at Associate’s Mind for about a month. This usually happens around the holidays every year to a greater or lesser extent. Time away from work. Time with families and friends. Posting to the blog gets put firmly in the back seat to make room for more important things.

Which can be difficult to do at times in a 24/7, always on, always connected world. Work is no longer a place you go, but rather a thing you carry in your pocket. Friends are not people you spend time with, but funny pictures you Like. Work and play morph into a nebulous, omni-present cloud of responsibility that accumulates as you sleep.

Many people seem to think that a person needs to remain “engaged” and stay on top of things 24/7 in order to be doing it properly. Subscribe to this newsletter. Follow me on Twitter. Like us on Facebbok. +1 on Google. Add to your newsreader. More, more, more. Add more things to your digital life.

Sometimes it’s important to say “no.” Ignore Twitter for a week. Let your RSS reader fill itself up with hundreds of stories and then purge them all without reading. Go onto Facebook and de-friend a dozen people that you agreed to be friends with a year ago because you felt like you “had to.” Stay off Reddit. Don’t blog or go on forums. Ditch all email activity except for work and family.

Do it for more than week. Especially ignore it on the weekend. Go meet people, real people. Give 100% attention to your family and friends. Find a hobby. Exercise. Run. Join a group – start a group. Completely and utterly unplug, desync, and disconnect from the digital world. Sweat, laugh, cry, strain, fail, push, explore, and grow.

When you go back to your digital life, you’ll do so with a new, and likely better, perspective.

Above The Law

On an unrelated note, last month I started writing a small firm column for Above The Law, leader in salacious legal news. All my posts can be found here http://abovethelaw.com/tag/keith-lee/. The column appears every Friday.


  • Oliver

    Thanks Keith. I am currently reading this book – http://www.amazon.com/Alone-Together-Expect-Technology-Other/dp/0465031463/ (was on my Christmas wishlist)

    What has struck me is the amount of time people seem to put into digital pursuits – things like Second Life in particular. I take the point that they may be building up skills / attitudes that may be useful in their real (ie, offline) lives, but it’s almost scary how much time people are willing to put into something that is ultimately only on a server somewhere.

    • http://associatesmind.com Keith Lee

      No worries.

      Sounds like an interesting book. I’d agree that people seem to be putting inordinate amounts of time into their digital lives, possibly at their detriment. Considering that the divide between our digital/IRL lives are only going to continue to blur, it’s going to be interesting to see how peopl e& society evolve to handle everything.