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An Alien Joins A Monkey


Last month I noted that Mailchimp re-wrote their terms of service, mostly ditching legalese and adopting plain language, in order to better serve their users.

Not to be left out, Reddit just overhauled their Privacy Policy (discussion of policy), ditching the old, off-the-shelf legalese version with a new plain language one crafted especially for Reddit (actuall policy), made for them by BlurryEdge Strategies.

Just as in the case of Mailchimp, the new privacy policy is meant to be read by humans, not lawyers.

reddit privacy policy

As noted by Lauren Gelman of BlurryEdge Strategies:

The old policy was written very broad. It was a generic one written by Conde Nast. This was written specifically to apply to reddit. The goal was to be clear and specific. Especially about data retention. Some things were added like reddit Gold and specific information about the new advertising providers.

Gelman was also responsive to specific redditors requests and inquiries in the discussion of the policy, actually making some adjustments to the policy as per their suggestions. All-in-all it’s a great effort to reach out and communicate something that’s important but usually boring and legal (privacy) to a service’s end users. In the case of Reddit, it’s not that surprising considering it’s tech-centric userbase, but to be lauded nonetheless. It’s a great thing to see technology companies adopting a plain language approach in order to better inform their users of the rights and terms of use regarding their services.