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Fresh Spam, Available From Lawyers.com


Here is an email I just received, contact information redacted:


SpamI am writing to introduce myself as the new media contact for Lawyers.com, the leading legal website for consumers and small businesses. A division of LexisNexis, Lawyers.com has useful information on all legal topics, connects consumers with lawyers in their area for their legal needs and provides ongoing commentary on news and current events on their blog.

Please feel free to reach out for any stories you are working on that have a legal component to them – from consumer tips to breaking news to political stories – Lawyers.com has a great editorial staff who can comment and provide legal insight.

My contact information can be found below. I look forward to working with you.


Senior Account Executive

My response:

Hi Emily,

Thanks for reaching out.

Though, I’m not exactly sure what I would need from Lawyers.com – I’m already a lawyer and all the stories at Associate’s Mind have a legal component to them.

A cursory review of Associate’s Mind would have made that quite apparent. Therefore, I have to assume that this is a bulk email (essentially spam) sent out to a large number of website/blog editors. If you’ve sent it to me, you’ve likely sent it to many others. To save you some grief in the future, here is some advice:

Stop blanket emailing lawyers who run blogs.

I’m being polite and letting you off the hook gently.

Other legal blogs won’t be so polite. They will publicly shame you.

So, don’t do it. Go back and tell your contact at lawyers.com that spamming lawyers with high profile blogs is a bad idea.


Update 1/8/13, 11:34 CST:

Too late, Emily sent the same email to Constitutional Daily, addressed “Dear Robot…”

Any other legal bloggers get it this morning?


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  1. This hurts. I thought I was special when I received it this morning.