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Yesterday I went for a run, my usual. 5k. I had given some thought to going further then normal but when I got to the point where I could keep going – the trail crossing over the creek was flooded. I was stymied. Guess I’ll be sticking to 5k. Time to turn around.

I made it two steps before I stopped. Was I really going to let some water stop me from pushing myself? Give up at the first obstacle I came across? I pivoted and made my way through the woods away from the trail and towards the road.

I had to run a few blocks on the road away from my usual route to get to a different bridge over the creek. Then back to the trail and on my way. 10k instead of 5. Double my regular run. And I almost didn’t do it because there was a trickle of water in my way.


It’s so easy to run into obstacles and be beaten back. Minor things that block your beaten path, preventing you from pushing forwards. It’s so easy to give in. And no one can help you push past it but yourself. No coaching, no mentors, no classes or workshops you take will actually force you to push past your perceived limitations. All these things do, all these people can do is show you a way. Not “the way.”

There is no perfect path for quieting the timid voice in your mind. No sure fire way to kindle a burning desire for growth. A singular guide to forging the will to ignore pain. All people can offer is “this is what worked for me.” Maybe it will, maybe it won’t. You’ve got to keep trying things until you find what fits. Then dig and and demand that you be better. Don’t take no for answer. Don’t let others drag you down. Don’t let anything stand in your way.

If you want it bad enough – make it happen.

  • http://bethechangebutterfly.com Racha Gregory

    I like this post. Don’t ever let an obstacle stand in your way. Just find a way to get through it, go around it, or get by it but never let it stop you no matter what. Keep on running!