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2nd Anniversary – Two Years Into a “Law Blog”

I had almost forgotten that it’s been two years since I started Associate’s Mind. What was originally intended to be a platform to discuss my personal development as a new lawyer has slowly morphed into…well, whatever this is now.

Like most things in life the desire and drive to continually peruse a singular activity waxes and wanes. Blogging is no different. It is perhaps even more difficult considering the time and effort required to produce substantial and meaningful posts – verbose blawgers excluded (Note: I didn’t say “prolific”).  But for anyone with a creative bent and a desire to share their thoughts with the world, blogging is usually as good as it gets.

Associate’s Mind is still largely law related – a natural considering my profession and interests. But the longer I’ve blogged the more I find that for me to really enjoy and have the desire to continue to push it forwards, it needs to become MY mind. The past few months have been a bit sparse in posting for a variety of reasons but I think it has been a needed respite.  Whatever musings that happen to be consuming my thoughts need to go down on the page: law, being a father, technology, politics, the local scene in Alabama, internet culture, etc.

So no reflections, no predictions. Just expect a continuing, natural evolution of what this blog has slowly become. Thanks for sticking around these past couple of years. Hopefully it only continues to grow and become better as it moves forwards.

Here’s to a couple more.

  • http://www.blog.simplejustice.us shg

    Verbose? As in: unnecessarily wordy, using more words than needed, impaired by wordiness?

    Well, that’s quite insulting.

    • http://associatesmind.com Keith Lee

      Well, I aspire to your verbosity. So take it as a back-handed compliment?

  • http://www.blog.simplejustice.us shg

    Sorry, kiddo, but words have meanings, you know. As for your aspirations, verbosity should not be one of them, even if I’m just a word-murderer to you.

    • http://associatesmind.com Keith Lee

      Duly noted.

  • http://CircuitSplits.com Nick Wagoner

    Congratulations Lee. I love the new site design and look forward to what’s to come.

    • http://associatesmind.com Keith Lee

      Thanks Nick, I appreciate it.

  • http://CircuitSplits.com Nick Wagoner


  • Gene

    Congrats Keith! I haven’t been around long to see your blog’s journey over the last two years but I hope to see more interesting posts from you in the coming time.

    • http://associatesmind.com Keith Lee

      Thanks Gene. I appreciate it, and the new logo! I played around with the two and really like the way this one looks. Let me know if you want a designer credit on my About page, I’d be glad to link to you.

  • http://www.bodyweightexerciseblog.com James Zedd

    I am not a law student, nor a professional in law. But I like your blog and I hope to read more posts in the future.

    Take care Keith.

    • http://associatesmind.com Keith Lee

      Thanks James, I’m glad you’re enjoying it. I’d like to think that the blog can be interesting to people outside of the legal field (at least on occasion).