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Back From Hiatus


Sometimes you just need to take a break. Unplug, desync, disconnect as I’ve said in the past.

Blogging well takes effort. Sure you can crank out insipid, trite observations about marketing, technology, and other vaguely related legal topics like clockwork. But producing something that is self-satisfying and genuine takes time. Sometimes you have the time for it, sometimes you don’t. But as someone once said to me – “the good ones make time for it.” EDIT: They also said: “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”

Yes, that really happend this weekend.

Developing and maintaining a “blawg” that provides provides information and reduces ignorance is something that takes dedication and endurance. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. You just have to find your cadence and stick with it. The trick is that the race doesn’t ever end unless you quit. And even if you get to the end, the battery in the golf cart you took to the race may have died and you have to push it back a mile through rock and sand while your wife steers – wait, where was this analogy going?

All that is to say, I’m back to making time for it. So a month or so away from the “blawgosphere,” what did I miss? Was there some earth-shattering announcement that changed the playing field?


  • Greenfield “retired,” but I managed to not post long enough for him to come back. Score.
  • Nathan Burney’s Illustrated Guide to Criminal Law is being published in dead-tree format. If you haven’t read it, you’re missing out. I’m looking forward to getting a copy.
  • Mark Bennett announced that he is running as a  Libertarian for the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.
  • Popehat has continued its good work, interspersed with posts on Art and Zergs.
  • Tannebaum is still grumpy and calling out young lawyers for not thinking before they do something.  (Note to other young lawyers: stop giving seasoned practitioners  reasons to label our generation as morons.)

Same as it ever was. So did I miss anything else?

Oh, and there’s a new iPad. Whoopty-shit.

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  1. “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” You omitted that one. Please correct ASAP.

  2. Shut up Keith. That’s all I need is young lawyers to think before they do something dumb – then what will I write about?

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