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ABA Blawg 100

Associate’s Mind was included in the ABA Journal’s Blawg 100 today, a listing of the top 100 legal blogs of the year. Thanks to everyone who nominated the blog for inclusion.  It’s good company to be keep, with many great legal bloggers in there. Thanks to everyone else who continues to come back everyday and read, comment, and interact with the blog and me on twitter. I do the blog for myself, but it’s gratifying to know that other people appreciate it as well. I want to especially thank Peter Smith for his kind words used in the listing for Associate’s Mind.

The Blawg 100 also has topic categories in which you can vote for an overall “winner,” it’s sort of like Reddit’s Karma system. I’m not exactly sure how Associate’s Mind fits into “LPM,” but that’s where it is located. Go vote for your favorite blogs, so there can be an official winner of e-points.

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  1. Congrats Keith! It truly is a good blawg and it has been since the beginning. Keep up the good work.

  2. This is brilliant !

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