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Lazy Sunday Statistics

Despite having just made the point that links and numbers don’t matter in the last post, I thought I would offer this information for legal bloggers curious about how to drive traffic. Here are the top ten referring domains (people clicked a link there to get here) for the month of April:

  1. Reddit 5,743
  2. Abovethelaw.com 3,004
  3. Twitter 967
  4. thebrowser.com 925
  5. Hacker News 913
  6. Google Reader 497
  7. Facebook 465
  8. blogs.wsj.com 382
  9. linkedin.com 172
  10. blog.simplejustice.us  118
The Long Tail (all other referring links): 1034
For a Grand Total of: 14,220 referral links this month.

What’s the takeaway?

 Do not spam Reddit with links to your blog. Reddit is one of the most net-savvy communities on the web. It is not somewhere to dump links. If you want to join the community, be an active and contributing member, and promote the general welfare on the web – do so. Maybe, maybe, after you’ve been there for awhile and a very narrow topic on which you have something relevant to say comes up, link to your blog. But like most things, Reddit isn’t about you.
It’s about joining like-minded communities and helping contribute to the overall conversation in them – not about promoting yourself. If you’re looking for somewhere to start, I’d suggest joining us in the r/law sub-reddit.
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  1. In light of this information, and the negligible impact linking to you has provided, I am ashamed and will never darken your portal again. My apologies for such failure, ULS.

    • To be fair, the next legitimate blawg (not atl) was something like 27th. So rest assured that Simple Justice is a powerhouse in delivering triple digit numbers among blawgs. But you’re no @radleybalko.

  2. I’m a former big firm associate, now blissfully free of that hellish life (no personal offense–I was all into it when I was involved in that scene). My blog has nothing to do with the law (relates to distance running, so no need or request for you to link or anything along those lines). :) Anyway, I’ve just started a few months ago blogging about running and I’m wondering: can you explain in simple terms how reddit and/or twitter would work in terms of generating traffic to blog? I really don’t get either one of them, esp. twitter. Any tips at all for working with either site and/or generating blog traffic?

    • Traffic is a side effect of having excellent content. Before considering anything else, let’s get that out right up front. If what you have to say in interesting and engaging, people will find you with just a bit of effort.

      Twitter is a weird one. I can’t really explain how it works because I don’t fully understand it myself and largely view it as a diversion for some light entertainment. Follow people that seem interesting, talk to them. Write interesting things and be damn good at generating creative titles for your posts.

      Reddit is a bit easier. There is a sub-reddit for almost any topic. See: http://www.reddit.com/r/running or http://www.reddit.com/r/Fitness/ . But going in there and immediately linking to your blog is the equivalent of walking into a crowded cocktail party and shouting out “LOOK AT ME!! LISTEN TO THIS!!!” Reddit is a number of like-minded groups of people having a conversation. If you’re really interested in running, you should want to read r/running anyhow. Read for awhile, join in a few conversations about topics. Eventually if you think you have something interesting or novel to contribute, then submit a link – but I wouldn’t have high expectations.

  3. Thanks. I’ve actually tried both since I left this post and, for runners anyway, Twitter seems better. My site traffic basically tripled in one day, so thanks. I’ll keep checking back on Reddit. I hope you enjoy firm life more than I did…

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