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What Happens to Your Traffic When you Stop Blogging for Two Months.

First off, apparently if you are a regular (read: multiple times a week) blogger and you stop for two months most people apparently assume you are dead! I’ve been back online for a few days now and then general consensus is “You’re alive?!”

Can’t a guy take a break to pass the Bar?

My final post of last year was on December 17. At the end of last year I was regularly garnering over 5000 hits a month here at An Associate’s Mind. In 2011, I’ve only totaled a little over 2000 views for the months of January and February, a pretty steep drop-off. I also dropped in the Avvo Top Legal Blogs rankings from #42 to #144. However in that time I’ve added over 30 subscribers to the site via email or RSS. I’ve also gather over 20 new followers on Twitter despite not having twitted anything since December 17, 2010.

So what was popular during my sabbatical? What were legal blog readers looking for?

The Top 5 pages were:
  1. Perfection is an Illusion, There is Only Process
  2. Is Law School Worth It?
  3. How to Remove Yourself From Public Databases
  4. Free Project Management Templates – Cornell Project Management Methodology
  5. Why You Should Pay Attention to Twitter During Trial Even If You Don’t Tweet
The Top 5 Referrers (how people got to the page):
  1. LinkedIn
  2. Google
  3. avvo.com/stats/top_legal_blogs
  4. Twitter
  5. LexisNexis
The Top 5 Search Terms Used to Find the Site:
  1. court
  2. is law school worth it
  3. free project management templates
  4. georgetown law
  5. personal finance for the young professional
The Takeaway?
If you produced quality content, then even if you don’t say anything for two months you can still get over 1000 views a month without doing anything. No SEO, no marketing, no engagement. The quality of my content stood on it’s own and people sought it out despite me not doing a thing. Write well, write often. Everything else will take care of itself.


  1. As for the quality of the content of course it comes first. But when you only start how can you find those who’re going to appreciayte the quality if you don’t use SEO methods?

  2. I know, Keith. The same thing happened to me. I stopped blogging for 5 weeks to study for the CT bar exam and traffic drastically descreased. The good news is that we know our efforts to blog consistently are reaching people. Thanks, and good luck with the bar results!