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Facebook Adds Friend Stalker Tool!

Via PcPro.co.uk:

The social networking service has unveiled a shiny new “See Friendship” button on the site, letting users see “the story of their friendships”. But instead of “See Friendship” being a nice little add-on feature, Facebook has again taken it one step too far and hurled itself crossed the creepy line.

With “See Friendship”, I can not only see everything between myself and my friends, but all the content shared between two mutual friends of mine, thanks to a handy search function. It lets you enter in the names of any two friends to reveal their entire Facebook correspondence with each other — even if the content dates from before you added either as friends.

Of course, all this information is already available to me. I could click around the site and find everything said between my mutual friends by sifting through their accounts. But that would take ages, and eventually — hopefully — I’d either get bored or ashamed of creeping on my friends. This makes it possible to stalk in seconds.

A Couple choice quotes from users:

“It’s a handy tool for nosey people to gain an insight on someone else’s relationships with others which should be kept private.”

“I’ve always wanted this! And yes, I’m a creepy stalker.”

And of course, as is par for the course with anything Facebook rolls out theses days, it is automatically opt in. And unfortunately there is no way to turn it off as of yet. If you don’t see it on your FB account yet, just wait. It’s rolling out over the next couple of days.



  1. Hi Keith

    It was this article that convinced me to break free from FB and other social media:


    I just have my blog & it’s more laid back pace suits me, besides I have a life again:) and more time for my practice.

    Many Thanks

    • Hi Brian,

      I stay involved in Social Media but I try to be as careful about it as I can be. I’m open with my Twitter account and let anyone view it/follow/etc.

      However, I keep my FB account under lock and key (I don’t place it here for example) and I am only “friends” with relatives and people I speak with on a regular basis. However, I am becoming increasingly uncomfortable with FB’s personal data & privacy policies. I find myself using the service less and less.

      Thanks for sharing the article.

      • Hi Keith

        Also thanks for your article, after reading it I made the step to permanently delete my FB account.

        My professional background is telecommunications systems integration and mgt. “retired”

        Thought I’d share my thoughts on the WSJ article I shared, upon my initial read of it my thoughts were either its incompetence at FB or they are deliberately letting other developers have “keys” and it is either through the back door or the front door. Having seen this happen in my industry years ago and as also probable in this case the motive is good ole profit.

        So while there is good capitalist there is also bad capitalist. I put FB book in the later category.