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Free Project Management Templates – Cornell Project Management Methodology

When someone mentions Cornell to a lawyer or law student, I would imagine most of them immediately think of Cornell’s excellent Legal Information Institute, which maintains the most robust and well designed catalog of US law freely available online.  However, they also offer one of the more robust collections of open project management templates online.

Like I mentioned a couple of days ago, project management (whether it be personal or professional – although I believe all management is personal), is an essential aspect of high-level performance and key to setting oneself on the path of continual improvement. However, it can off be difficult to know where to start or develop the tools to begin. That’s where Cornell comes in, with the Cornell Project Management Methodology.

The Main Page offers an overview of Cornell Project Management Methodology, as well as a detailed and quick guide to the process.

Cornell also offers ready to go templates for every step off the project management process.

So if you’ve been putting off learning about and adopting project management because you didn’t have any resources available to you, cross that excuse off your list.

  • Terry Courtney

    You can also try GetProjectTemplates.com for project management document templates. They have some free templates, while they charge for a complete set.

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